27th Dec 2007-27th Dec 2008
..it's a year already dear..ONE, too short to spell but it is full with sweet memory, great moment, tough situation and a lot new experience within it, within a year. for me, i should appreciate it. i have learn so many new things, (my 1st experience in sharing life with someone else named LOVER n i hope u are the first n the last one dear). As others couple, i believe we will face something different when we one step forward from our SOLO WORLD :p. we learn how to make well communication, how to appreciate our love, to be loyal, to be honest and many more.

i belive the phrase, "it doesn't matter how much u love someone, it's who u are when u are them". i found sumtin interesting that intepret the phrase into sumtin easier to understand-->

One of the best indications that you’re involved with the best person for you is to assess how you feel about yourself when you’re with them."

  • Do you feel strong, confident and secure about yourself, or do you feel tentative or inferior around them?"

  • Are you happy with your behavior and general attitude, or do you feel angry, nervous or act out of character?"

  • Do you feel comfortable, secure and authentic, or do you "walk on eggs" around them, are afraid to communicate or overly try to please them?"

  • Do you strive to be the best person you can be, or do you feel you have to hide who you truly are – your intelligence, talents, strengths?"

  • Do you feel physically attractive, sexy and desirable or get the feeling that you’ll never be "enuf" to satisfy them?"

If you don’t feel you’re your best self within any relationship, regardless of how much you love the person, do the most loving thing you can do for yourself and move on to an authentic, healthy relationship - one in which you can truly shine! If you don’t – no one wins!

it's true right..so choose the best for u, n ur love. :)

p/s: happy anniversary dear..thanks 4 the great 1 year..every single moment we share together gave me a lot happiness in my life..i know u are the one..hope we will become more stronger to face this world together.. and please, keep holding me coz i'll never let u go :*

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